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Greetings, my spirited supporters! It's me, Duggie the Dragon, back to share about our recent adventure at the 2nd Annual Frank J. Dugan PTA Turkey Trot. The excitement was hotter than my dragon breath, and I'm thrilled to recount the magical moments that unfolded at our school's grand event.

Let me start with one of our three spirited games that had our participants laughing, cheering, and forging memories that will last a lifetime. First up, we had "Corn in the Pot" – Participants passed a plush corn over their heads or under their legs until it reached the last of their classmates. Then it was our teachers' time to shine as they ran toward the "pot" to throw their corn in and claim their victory!

Next on the agenda was "Potato on a Spoon." Ah, the classic balancing act! Participants skillfully navigated the course, spoon in hand, ensuring their potatoes stayed put. It was a challenge that brought out the dragon-sized determination in every participant, from Kindergarten to 5th grade. The joyous cheers and the occasional toppled spud added a sprinkle of whimsy to the festivities.

Last but certainly not least, we had our most anticipated event - "Set the Table"! Each class raced against the clock to set a table with all the Thanksgiving trimmings. From plates to pies, vases to tablecloths – every item had its place, and the fastest hands secured victory. The camaraderie displayed during this challenge warmed my dragon heart, proving that teamwork truly makes the dream work.

Once each grade level completed our three courses, we entered our CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND where Mrs. Romano's 4th grade class came out on top and claimed the championship title for the 4th grade! The cheers echoed, and the joy was contagious as we celebrated the success of our school community coming together in the spirit of fun and unity. Until next year Dragons!

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